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At the bottom of p. 22, the second option should be --with-openssl= instead of --with-ssl=:

./configure --enable-ssl --with-openssl=/opt/foo/openssl

On p. 86 there are some examples with the line

http_access deny !WorkingHours NotWorkRelated

The leading negation operator ('!') is incorrect here. The lines should read:

http_access deny WorkingHours NotWorkRelated

At the bottom of p. 118, the example ipc.stanza file has shm-max given twice. The second one should be shm-all instead:

shm-max = 2097152
shm-all = 4096

Near the bottom of p. 122, when talking about the null storage scheme, the example cache_dir arguments are reversed. The line should read:

cache_dir null /tmp

On p. 193, the URL for AdZapper should be changed to http://adzapper.sourceforge.net/.

On p. 426, Table F-1 implies that there is no way to manually configure the Wget user-agent to use a proxy. This is a mistake, since you can place proxy configuration lines into a .wgetrc file:

http_proxy = http://proxy.dom.ain:8080/
ftp_proxy = http://proxy.dom.ain:8080/
use_proxy = on

Think you found a bug? Feel free to let me know, or submit your errata directly to O'Reilly.